Carpet and Upholstery Maintenance

Innovative ways to increase longevity in your buildings fabrics

Carpet Cleaning

Maintaining a competitive edge is fundamental to any business wishing to be recognised as a market leader in their chosen field, we clean over the years has adopted a number of cleaning industry innovations that have changed the perception of the cleaning discipline and our commercial cleaning company operates.

For the majority of clients, carpet is a costly building ‘fabric’ to replace, hence the importance of implementing a tailored programme for maintaining carpet longevity. As a businesswe clean were the first licensed holder of the revolutionary Dry Fusion™ Carpet Cleaning Technology within the UK.

This low moisture carpet cleaning system both cleans and protects carpet fibres and is approved by all the leading carpet manufacturers.

Meaning carpets can be cleaned, de-odourised and left completely dry within 30 minutes of the work being completed.

Free carpet cleaning demonstrations available.

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