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How we onboard your candidates


Firstly, you will need to register a new candidate with us.
You will forward on their details to your dedicated Employee Consultant at Teachers First.


Your Employee Consultant will then call the candidate to introduce themselves and Teachers First.
The candidates details will be checked and once confirmed will be informed of the next steps.


The Employee Consultant will then email the candidate sharing:

  • A welcome email confirming the discussion over the phone
  • An email requesting ‘Right to Work’ and ‘Proof of Address’ documentation, and a P45 if necessary
  • A Contract of Employment


To be fully compliant and paid through Teachers First, each candidate must have the following before being processed through payroll:

  • Digitally signed Employment Contract
  • Right to Work in the UK documents
  • Proof of address
  • Correct personal details including bank details and National Insurance number

Payroll your candidates with teachersfirst

What happens during the payroll process when you agree to work with Teachers First?
It occurs in six easy steps:


Contact Teachers First by emailing or calling 0333 0156 408 if you want to enquire about our payroll services for your candidates.


We will be delighted to give you the details of the two payroll schemes we offer – Umbrella or PAYE – including the benefits and rewards we give to your candidates.


If you wish to proceed and use our payroll services, we will ask you to sign a Terms of Agreement.


Once signed, we will supply you with our details, including company registration number, VAT reference and bank details.


We will then supply you with timelines surrounding candidate onboarding:

  • We expect new candidates by Friday noon of their first payroll week, along with all their relevant details emailed to us
  • Our Employee Consultants will then begin the onboarding process with a Welcome call/email, Right to Work and Proof of Address request and Employment Contract sent out by email
  • These items must be received before the candidate can be processed through payroll
  • We expect the payroll to be processed for the proceeding week by Tuesday noon of the payroll week to allow for any queries
  • We process payroll on a Wednesday
  • Raise an invoice to your agency on a Thursday and give candidates access to their payslips on a Thursday
  • Pay the candidates on a Friday


We encourage candidates to contact us with issues regarding their pay, and we will endeavour to sort it out.
This will not be pushed back on you.


Staff Retention

As educators, we understand the importance of rewarding teachers for their hard work and dedication to teaching. Our system allows you to reward your supply teachers with speedy, efficient payment and other perks to keep them motivated.

A bespoke payroll service

Payroll can create issues for supply teaching agencies.

So, we can take the accountability off your hands, and look after your payroll for you, to ensure your staff are paid correctly and on time.

Industry Credibility

We’re a team of educators and financial experts, so we understand both sides of the supply agency payroll system. This means we are well equipped to quickly and efficiently solve any issues in the chain, making sure everyone is happy.

Works For You

With our range of payroll options, we offer flexible solutions designed to reduce risk and improve cash flow.

From PAYE to an Umbrella payroll scheme, you can choose a solution to work for you and your candidates.

Why choose Teachers First?

Created by teachers for teachers.

We go the extra mile to ensure all employees are satisfied in their role, making sure they are paid in a timely manner, alongside offering a range of rewards to provide the perfect work-life balance.

We build strong relationships with agencies and supply staff , ensuring each individual is treated as a person, not just another payroll number.

We offer a personal service that keeps you at the forefront, which we believe is the key to our success.

We are a partner you can rely on and trust.

We have extensive experience within both the education and financial sector, therefore have a good understanding of your candidates requirements and what’s needed to ensure they stay motivated.

If you’re looking for an effective, reliable payroll service, Teachers First is on hand to help.

Discover how we deliver the best experience for your teaching staff, and the other rewards we can provide for them, by contacting us today.

Get in touch today.