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Discover a unique payroll solution made for education specialists, by education specialists.

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The Teachers First method

How Teachers First works

  • Teachers First is a platform created by educational experts, for educational experts.
  • Teachers First offers agencies and supply teachers efficient payroll systems and generous rewards to ensure a high retention level.
  • With a ‘gold star’ for customer service and a dedicated Employee Consultant on hand to assist, you can ensure quick, efficient payment and rewards for your staff.

For teachers & support staff

  • Being paid correctly and on time is the least supply teachers deserve for helping to mould the minds of the future.
  • At Teachers First, our payroll solutions have been designed by educational experts to create a system that works for you.
  • With a dedicated Employee Consultant, your hard work and dedication will be rewarded with a generous rewards package tailored to you.

For agencies

  • Retaining teachers and support staff is crucial in providing reliable, highly qualified teaching staff to your clients.
  • By utilising the perks of the Teachers First platform, agencies can offer a benefits, welfare and payroll package to reward their teachers, ensuring great results across the board.
  • Contact us today for more details on joining the Teachers First programme.

How Teachers First can help you

After working in the educational sector for many years, we understand the hard work and dedication teachers that goes into ensuring all children get the education they deserve.

But for supply teachers, the concerns following late, delayed or even incorrect payments within the process can often lead to disgruntled teams and a lack of motivation.

And that’s why we created Teachers First. 

As a group of educational specialists, we understand the issues that come with arranging supply staff for educational establishments, which is why we created a benefits, welfare and payroll package that allows for flexibility, reliability and employee engagement.

With an Employee Consultant on hand to guide you through the process, at Teachers First we provide a generous rewards package to ensure a high level of retention and satisfaction across the teaching sector.

How does Teachers First work?

Send us your details

Once provided, your agency will send your personal details to us safely and securely, and you will be allocated an Employee Consultant with experience in your field.

Call with a consultant

Your selected Employee Consultant will then get in touch with you to explain the process in full, so you can understand how the system works.

Establish your pay rate

Once a member, your agency will then supply the information of your days worked and rate of pay each week to ensure you’re paid quickly and correctly.

Receive your payment

By using Teachers First, you will be able to access payslips, pension details and rewards all via your online portal, and be paid weekly straight into your designated bank account.

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